Rue des Cloÿs

Arrondissement 18

Numbers 5, 17, 27

What a miserable sight to find this building at No. 5 on the location of the day school bought by Louise Michel’s mother in 1865.

By selling her last fields outside Paris, Louise Michel‘s mother was able to buy a day school business for her daughter in this street in 1865.

It was then a much longer Montmartre street, going as far as the Rue Championnet. Its name comes from a corruption of the old French word claye, meaning a grill that could be used to close access.

Today the road passes the Square Léon Serpollet, named after the man who built his first steam-powered tricyle at Number 27.

A Communist resistance printworks was operated clandestinely at Number 17 during the Second World War. This was where the first issue of France d’abord (France first)the news sheet of the  Communist-founded resistance movement FTP (Franc-tireurs et partisans (Sharp-shooters and patriots) was printed.