Rue Léon-Frot

Arrondissement 11

Number: 55, 64

Initially opened up in 1816, the name of most of the road was the Rue des Boulets (probably either from canonballs or from the rounded shape much coal was distributed in during the 19th century), but on December 18 1944 the section north of Boulevard Voltaire was renamed Léon Frot.

Frot lived in No. 55 and was an elected 11th arrondissement Communist municipal councillor who had been sentenced to five years imprisonment on May 14 1940 by the Paris military court for distributing communist propaganda. Moved from the Sante prison to the Bourges (Cher) prison and then to Clairvaux (Aube) he was executed there on January 13 1942. Between January and May 21 political prisoners were shot at Clairvaux. This followed the German policy of first selecting Jews and Communists in determining who should be shot in reprisals for Resistance attacks on Germans.

Elected a Communist municipal councillor in 1935, jailed for his Communist Party activities before the German occupation of June 1940 Frot was killed aged 42.

The Worker Albert worked at the button manufacturer Bapterosses situated at No. 64 (formerly 16 rue de la Muette) in the 1840s.

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