Rue Ramponeau

Arrondissement: 20

Number 40-42, 51

The school where Albert Treint taught in 1919-1921 before being fired for his active role in the formation of the French Communist Party

It’s a big haul walking up from the boulevard de Belleville to the Boys’ Elementary School (now mixed) where Albert Treint taught from 1919 to September 1921. He was then dismissed for his political activities as a leader of the new French Communist Party.

His victimisation was revoked in 1936 when Jean Zay became Minister of Education in the Popular Front government. Three years later, however, Treint was dismissed again when the Daladier government passed a law interning all those considered a threat to the security of the state.

The last barricade of the Commune was taken by the Versaillais army at 1 pm on May 28 1871

Hazan (IOP) quotes the Communard historian Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray as writing that the last of the 1871 Commune barricades to hold out on May 28 1871 was across the Rue Ramponeau at numbers 40-42, rising above the Rue de Belleville (then Rue de Paris), and within a kilometre of the Père-Lachaise cemetery where the last Communards were gunned down.

The entrance to rue Ramponeau from the Belleville Boulevard photographed in 1900

Paris Revolutionnaire