Rue René Boulanger

Arrondissement 10

Numbers: 50, 60

A street named after a trade unionist is rare in Paris. During the Occupation René Boulanger was one of the organisers of the underground CGT. Aged 43 he was tortured to death by the Gestapo on March 7 1944. The road was renamed in his honour on December 18 1944, recalling the presence in the Rue Bondy of the Paris regional office of his union, the CGT’s white collar finance section.

Aged 20 Pierre-Jean de Béranger lived in a garret at No. 50 in 1800.

The painter Georges Seurat was born at No. 60 on December 2 1859. This was also the address of the monthly journal La Voie Communiste. This was an opposition paper within the Communist Party started in 1958 by Gérard Spitzer and Denis Berger that supported the Algerian FLN. Its publication stopped in 1965.