Louise Michel: A Paris Commune walk

5.5km / 2 hours

A walk around working class Montmartre known to Michel alongside the Paris tax wall finally removed in 1860

Arrondissements 17 – 18

Ferré – Dmitrieff

The walk takes us from the 17th arrondissement, where Michel first lived on coming to Paris in 1856 to the places she taught, and fought on barricades defending the Paris Commune before May 23 1871 when she surrendered to the Versaillais forces in exchange for her mother. The walk passes through what is now the Square Louise Michel as we climb up the Montmartre hill below the Catholics’ revenge on the Commune, the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. This was built near where Michel raised the alert that the Versaillais were about to seize the Commune’s artillery canons, and where a Versaillais general and a retired general who had directed some of the June 1848 massacres were both killed by the angry crowd.

88 boulevard des Batignolles

20 avenue Rachel

Place Blanche

24 rue Houdon

15 rue d’ Orsel

Square Louise Michel

36 rue du Chevalier de la Barre

26 rue du Mont Cenis

45 boulevard Ornano

24 rue Championnet

41 Rue de Clignancourt