Boulevard de la Chapelle

Arrondissements 10, 18

Numbers: 1, 124

The St Denys of La Chapelle is one of Paris’ oldest, and it gave its name to the commune that grew up near it

The boulevard marks the boundary between the 10th and the 18th arrondissement, whose La Chapelle Commune (once known as La Chapelle-Saint-Denis) was only incorporated into Paris in 1860.

Since 1900, as shown in the photograph above, a section of the second Metro line in Paris now runs straight down the middle of the broad boulevard.

During the working class insurrection of June 24 1848 the barricade of the Virtues across the Boulevard at No. 1 briefly stopped General Cavaignac‘s troops from moving from Western to Eastern Paris, the heart of the revolt. It was named after the tax gate of that name there in the Farmers’ General wall that was built in 1786.

In May 1939 the tenth ‘New Family’ working class cooperative restaurant was opened at No. 124.

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