Rue de Stockholm

Arrondissements 8

Number 10

Rue de Stockholm cut short by the Gare Saint-Lazare

Built in 1831 near the place de l’Europe, the original long road was almost entirely eaten by the Saint-Lazare railway station when it was built in 1859.

No 10 rue de Stockholm was where the French police first found out where Nguyen Tat Thanh was living in Paris

Ho Chi Minh lived in more than 16 known addresses in Paris between 1917 or 1919 and 1927. Police records only began in 1919 and show that he stayed briefly at No 10 rue de Stockholm in June 1919, when he was a member of the socialist party, the SFIO. He then signed himself Nguyen Ai Quoc (Nguyen the patriot) in the call for an independent Indochina he signed that was presented to the Versailles Peace Conference.