Rue Quatrefages

Arrondissement 5

Numbers: 2, 4

The road was renamed in 1893 after the biologist and zoologist, Jean Louis Armand de Quatrefages (1810-1892), who worked at the nearby National Natural History museum.

The location of what was No 2 is now the main entrance to the Great Paris mosque, built after the First World War in tribute to the 70,000 Muslim men who fought and died for France. It was paid for by the French government and inaugurated in 1926 and is the largest mosque in France.

The Great Mosque of Paris was built on the sites of the demolished Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and of the Sainte Pelagie prison.

No 4 used to be a centre for the rehabilitation of young tuberculosis sufferers, who included Robert Barcia/Hardy in 1952. Today it is called the Centre Colliard, and specialises in young people’s sexual concerns and health as one of the Health centres organised by the Health Foundation for French Students.