Rue Boulard

Arrondissement 14

Numbers: 36, 46

Built in 1838 in the Montrouge commune and absorbed into Paris in 1863 it was named after Michel-Jacques Boulard, Josephine’s official Imperial tapestry-maker, who. He spend the last three years of his life in a hospice and left a huge amount of money to build the new St-Michel Hospice that opened in 1830.

No. 36 was opened on 17 April 1871 as a recruitment office for the National Guard during the Paris Commune.

Proudhon lived at No. 46 with his family for several years in the 1850s. Having been rebuilt or built in the late 19th century as a local boys school, this address is now an elementary school .

Fifty years after Proudhon had lived in Rue Boulard the street had changed little

Proudhon, of course, would not have approved of the state deciding how to educate children. He believed this could lead to brainwashing. He argued instead that each family (father) should be responsible for the education of their children.

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