Rue de Gergovie

Arrondissement 14

Numbers 23, 80-82

In the 1930s the consulting room of Madeleine Pelletier were based here at 80-82 rue de Gergovie. Since 2011 there is a discrete plaque by the side of the door.

Named after the defeat of Julius Caesar in 52BC at the battle of Gergovia, won by
Vercingétorix whose name adorns another local street, it has two historical connections with the left.

No 80-82 was where Madeleine Pelletier had her office in the 1930s.

Outside her 1930s office I photographed this rare plaque to a leftist in 2017. I’m not convinced Pellettier would have approved the term ‘doctoresse’ instead of Doctor.

In 1892, No 23 used to be the site of a workers’ cooperative making paper bags.