Rue Marie Rose

Arrondissement 14

Numbers 2, 4, 7

The street was built in 1898 over an old quarry. It was named after an earlier owner of the land.

Inessa Armand lived at No. 2 from 1910 until she left France with her lover, Lenin, and Krupskaya for Switzerland in 1912 .

Inessa Armand lived at No. 2 Rue Marie Rose from 1910 to 1912

Number 4, the 48 square meter two-room second-floor flat was occupied by Lenin, Krupskaya and her mother from July 6 1909 to June 12 2012.

The flat was bought by the Communist Party in 1955 and opened as the Paris Lenin museum in 1955. On March 25 1960 it was visited by Krushchev along with Maurice Thorez. It was given the Russian Communist Party’s seal of approval a second time in 1985, when it was visited by Gorbachev and Georges Marchais.

In 2007, however, the PCF sold it when things were going downhill for its fortunes . The plaque outside the building was then taken down.

Lenin used to do repairs and maintenance on his bicycle in the street outside No. 4. When I passed by and took these photographs, all the windows on the second-floor had their shutters closed.

Father Corentin Cloarec (1894-1944), the Franciscan vicar of the nearby Saint-Fran├žois monastery at No. 7 who was chaplain to the Denfert-Rochereau resistance group, was assassinated there by the Gestapo on June 28 1944. The brick monastery was built in 1935 and its remarkable chapel glass is now listed as a historic monument.

Franciscan monastery